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Factories located in Jingsu Province, two hours drive time from Shanghai city.

HIGHV specializes in the manufacturing of precision corona rings and aluminium shields products, export to Europe and North America, offering consultations, materials analysis and design, sampling, manufacturing, quality assurance and One-stop global logistic services.

To date, we have served high voltage industries from 100 + countries.

From experience gained in dealing with traders, end users and purchases for group bidding projects, we have managed to better our services more.

HIGHV will be your perfect choice when purchasing customized corona rings for your shielding solutions.

Our Values

Our Work Is Heavily Shaped by Our Core Values


What We Do

Your HV project safty is one of your most important assets. We believe every high voltage company should have easy access to high quality corona ring. Highv solution is perfect for your project and can help save your time and money when purchasing these related products.


Our Mission

To supply our users with good quality products, compelete solutions and full service that allow every project to run more smoothly, safely and efficiently.
To provide the highest benefits to all partners with continuously developing and innovating team work.


Our Vision

To be a centenary group as the international brand by adopting continuous innovative development as the most basic principle in the sector with the participation of all business partners and suppliers support.


Our Aim

Our aim is by providing high quality products and services, we aim to enable our end users save considerable cost, speed up their business and to contribute towards a greener environment by our advantages.


Our precision manufacturing also ensures that each and every one of our customers receives a comprehensive HV corona shielding solution for any need they may have.

  • Saving your money through our high efficiency manufacturing process
  • More faster time for delivery
  • Creating flexible packaging options for all your ordered products
  • Supplying you with a comprehensive option for equipment production
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How Professional We Are


We insist on product innovation and technology upgrading, and deeply understand the consumer demand in the global market.

Outstanding technical strength is the intangible asset of our HIGHV brand and the “soft power” to enhance the competitiveness of the group.

Gallery of Highv Factory

Production Plant

corona ring standardized workshop

Standardized Workshop One

corona ring standardized workshop two

Standardized Workshop Two

Production Capacity - Strong Production Capacity

International standardized production line, high efficiency production management system, Maximum 50 pieces daily.

corona rings factory highv
corona rings factory highv 1

On production area, control each process during manufacturing strictly, maximize the efficiency of the production system.

Solution Consulting

We offer raw materials analysis, end products designing, sampling, manufacturing, QA, logistic, Keep advising not just manufacturing.

Top Project Management

We are working with many famous and advanced transformer and electric companies worldwide. Our supply chain management department and systems can take care of your order well.

High Quality

Our quality control and manufacturing departments​ work in tandem in each and every phase and process, including the raw material checking, manufacturing, inspection and packaging process.

Money&Time Saving

A complete set of customer management system support. Buying directly from our Highv factory, Save at least 10%-20% cost in Europe&USA markets.