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What Are The Solutions that We Can Offer?

Highv provides superb products and manufacturing services for your high voltage projects, techniques including: corona rings, grading rings and shielding products.

We offer complete corona shielding solutions and manufacturing services for global advanced industries. Industries we serve include:

• Power transformer, voltage transformer and current transformer
• GIS (gas insulated switchgear)
• High voltage laboratory (high voltage test equipment)
• Impulse voltage generator system
• Current generator testing system
• Substation and high voltage transmission line
• Surge arrester and lightning arrester
• High voltage capacitor banks and dividers
• High voltage bushing
• Insulator

And so much more! From aluminum pipe and plate materials to aluminum corona rings, here we can help you all corona shielding solutions.

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Industries We Serve!

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Guides of Corona Rings Applications

Highv is the leading manufacturer and supplier of corona rings in China.

Visit our below guides for more applications details.

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What Is The Main Purpose Of A Corona Ring?

The corona ring is an integral part of the insulator assembly, and it serves two main purposes:

The main purpose of a corona ring is to reduce the effects of corona and hence reduce the radio interference.

The purpose of the corona ring is to “bleed off” some of the voltage which would otherwise be lost in the corona effect, thus minimizing power loss, reducing radio interference and improving efficiency.

To help prevent flashover by increasing the effective creepage distance on the insulator.

How Does A Corona Ring Work?

Corona rings are used to increase the voltage across a component or surface. Corona rings are generally made of aluminum and used in overhead power lines to increase the surface potential and reduce corona loss. These rings are mounted on crossarms.

Corona is an ionized gas occurring naturally in the environment, which can also be produced artificially by high-voltage electrical discharges.

Corona is generally unwanted, especially in electricity transmission where it wastes energy, increases conductor corona loss and radio interference, and can cause damage to insulators. Corona discharge from conductors may also produce ozone (O3) as a pollutant and can cause noise or audible sound.

High voltage corona discharges occur around most high voltage equipment such as power lines and transformers; the electric field strength required for corona depends on air density, moisture content, presence of contaminants or dust, insulation type, shape of the conductor, etc., but is typically 30–40 kV/cm for dry air at sea level pressure (atm).

At lower voltages the air is normally an insulator; however, as voltage increases a stage is reached where small areas of ionization occur and current flows through these paths creating characteristic “streamer” discharges.

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